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How to View Private Instagram Account

I am going to tell you the reason why there are so many people are searching for Instagram private profile viewer and different ways on how to view private Instagram profiles or accounts, As we all know Instagram is among the top three of the best and most popular social media platforms in the world; after Facebook and Twitter. Since its inception, Instagram continues to grow with every passing year. As an Instagram user, you’ve surely discovered that you can set your account as private or public. Public accounts allow just about anyone to access your Instagram information including videos and photos. Private Instagram accounts are better off since only your followers or people you authorize can see your information.

instagram private profile viewer

Instagram Private Profile Viewer

At a point, you may want to check out someone’s Instagram private account info but find that you are forbidden from seeing it. Either the owner of the account has made it private, or maybe, they have blocked you. It is sad when you really want to see something but you can’t access it. Luckily for you, we have Instagram Private Account Viewer, a software that can help you bypass the settings and see private Instagram account. This is a unique software, one of its kind that unlocks private accounts without you having to download it. Furthermore, this Instagram viewer is free and takes just a couple of minutes to complete the process.

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How to use the Instagram Private Profile Viewer

This Instagram Profile Viewer is very ease of use unlike any other “insta viewer”. It’s basically straightforward. If you want to access a private Instagram account, go to the tool’s page (this is also works as instagram profile picture viewer). Then enter the username of the account you want to snoop on. Go through the details to make sure that you got the right person username. Now, choose what you want to see, be it the photos, videos or other posts. Relax and let the software complete the process. Once it is done, you will be allowed to view their picture or profile and even download them. You should remember that you can only see the profile after you verify yourself. The person won’t know you viewed their profile as the tool keeps you anonymous.

Instagram Private Account Viewer App Features

  • See Private Instagram Photos
  • View Private Instagram Videos
  • Compatible with all Devices (Android, iOS, Windows, & Mac)
  • Special proxy feature (the private profile owner can’t detect you)
  • Browser based software (you will not download anything)
  • Working on all private IG account (including celebrity accounts)
Tool Compatibility

Our tool was designed to be compatible with any interface or OS. You can use it on your laptop or desktop, and also on Mac, iOS and Android. Basically, you can use it to unlock Instagram profiles on any smart device without even downloading it.

Software Security

If you don’t have permission to view someone’s profile, it is going to turn out badly if they ever found out that you still did it. For this reason, Instagram Private Profile Viewer ensures that it keeps you anonymous. It has a special proxy feature and encryptions that allow you to access profiles and download data without it ever being traced back to you.


As mentioned, this is a tool that gives you the much-craved for anonymity so you can learn how to see private Instagram accounts and access private profiles without compromising on your safety.

User Satisfaction

In all reality, accessing Instagram has been made easy and fun with this private Instagram photo viewer. The Instagram Private Profile Viewer was developed specifically for users who don’t like being in the dark when there are some new developments in their social circles and see private Instagram account of friends. It gives you access to see private Instagram profiles and learn how to view a private Instagram account gives you power and make you stay updated even if it is in a passive way. Even parents who would like to keep tabs on their teens without coming off as stalkers can leverage this app to make sure they protect their children without offending them. You can check our igviewer.net blog to see some updates.

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